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You may have heard of the Florida Information Protection Act (FIPA), but have you seen the changes that it brings? Everyone who operates in the State of Florida has felt these regulation changes as they’ve shortened data breach reporting timelines, added Civil Penalties, and even changed what is considered private information. These ever changing dynamics in the digital world has certainly taken your time to focus on them, not to mention the money required to make any necessary changes to be compliant.

Before FIPA

Who is a Covered Entity?

Only organizations that held personal information and conducted business in Florida.

Data Breach

Organizations had 45 days after discovering the breach to notify all affected individuals.

Business Partner Breach

If your business patner was breached, they did not have to inform you.

Civil Penalties

The State Attorney General didn't imposed any fines agains the cover entities.

After FIPA

Who is a Covered Entity?

All organizations that hold personal information.This includes international organizations and organizations in other states, that hold information of any Florida resident.

Data Breach

Stricter reporting procedures:
1. 30 days to notify Attorney General
2. 30 days to notify individuals
3. Law Enforcement notification

Business Partner Breach

Your Business Partner has 10 days to notify you of the breach. At which point your 30-day reporting timeframe starts to run.

Civil Penalties

The State Attorney can impose:
1. $1K/day for the first 30 days
2. $50K/day for each day after 30
3. $500K/day after 180 days

What is considered PII – More information has been added to the list of what can be considered Personally Identifiable Information. On top of SSN, Driver’s License Number, Account Number, Credit Card Number, Debit Card Number, and FL Identification Card. The list is now expanded to include Medical History, Health Insurance Policy, Subscriber Number, Financial Info, Usernames, and E-mail Addresses.

What's the Next Step?

First, if you’re already convinced that you’d like to certify your current compliance with a 3rd party Compliance Health Check, then we offer it free of charge! Why do we do this? Because the safer you operate, the better protected everyone’s personal information is, including ours. Take the next step by calling us at (813) 336-8175 or email us at [email protected]

If you’re not totally convinced, you should take a look at our FIPA IT Solutions in more detail. You can find a list of services which help you comply with the FIPA mandate while growing your business more successfully. Just click on the services listed under the “Managed Security Services” above. We also offer a free FIPA IT Solutions report which shows many of the laws in more detail and how they should be addressed by your I.T. Provider.

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