HIPAA Security Rule protects some very valuable information! How valuable? Well did you know that the patient health records you have, can sell for upwards of $60 each on the black market? In comparison credit card information sells for $30. Since they can make so much money from the information you have, hackers have shifted their attention at targeting your organization.

The government has created regulations to try and fix this issue. But, this regulations are changing as the hackers change their tactics. Here is an example of some of the most recent changes and newer rules the government has imposed on healthcare organizations like yours:


Increased fines to $1.5M and started the move to electronic medical records from paper records.

Security Rule

Requires 18 cyber security policies and systems like: firewall, anti-virus, and encryption just to name a few.

Omnibus Rule

Made it mandatory for you to have contracts with your Business Associate that requires them to comply with HIPAA.

Data Breach

It is mandatory to report to media and patients breaches that expose 500 or more patients records.

How we do it!

We’re sharing our details about how we solve your HIPAA Compliance concerns and issues. All of our services have been combined into packages that help you save money without suffering from lack of service or capabilities. Take a look at what we’re doing for you:

You will NOT find another solution from anyone else that provides the quality or security along with guarantees backed by highly trained Security Architects. If HIPAA or other I.T. Vendors are giving you headaches, it’s time for you to try the CSS way. We know once you’ve experienced the easy and friendly way, you’ll stick with us.

Complete Compliance Medical IT Solutions

By Cyber Security Solutions

  • All Included Free

  • $15,000 Worth of Security Equipment

  • Pay Up To $10 Million in Non-Compliance Fines

  • Represent You During Audits

  • 24×7 Help Desk

  • Compliance Guarantee

  • Business Associate Agreement

  • Employee Training

  • Microsoft Office 365

  • Secure Encrypted E-mail and Chat

What's the Next Step?

The first thing we must do in order to address your concerns is examine your risk. We will need to perform a Compliance Health Check, for free, which will provide us the vulnerabilities that your systems and procedures currently have. We will then explain the Threats that seek your Vulnerabilities and how it affects your office. Your Risk is determined by a complex equation which includes the dollar value of the data your office possesses, the dollar value of potential loss from downtime, vulnerabilities in your systems and processes, and the threats to those vulnerabilities.

Give us a call for HIPAA IT Compliance services and allow us to perform our Compliance Health Check, if we find nothing wrong with your systems, procedures, or compliance then we’ll pay you $100 for your time.

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