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Learn how CSS can help your team implement CMMC and NIST requirements, so you can continue to win government contracts.

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Working with companies in the Defense Industrial Base on CMMC and DFARS compliance.

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Our team has put great effort into simplifying the way that you can implement CMMC for your organization. All of our offerings are purpose built around making your life easier. Our single vendor approach supports all of your Cybersecurity, IT, and Compliance needs. We bring all of the security hardware and software to the fight, without your organization having to pay upfront equipment fees or hire consultants to come in and integrate the new technology. With CSS as your partner, there is no longer a need to manage multiple vendors and products to piecemeal a solution, hire additional personnel to support, or manage unfamiliar security equipment.  Our team has put together an integrated package that offers a true turn-key approach to obtaining and maintaining CMMC compliance. Our proprietary zero-touch technology, the Cyber Threat Compliance (CTC) platform, is professionally installed on your site and managed by our team. All of our support services are included to ensure that your network is monitored and protected 24/7/365. We develop compliant policies and procedures written to how your organization conducts business. Best of all, as requirements change over time our team will ensure that your organization’s hardware, software, policies, procedures, and training are up to date with evolving mandates. Partner with CSS today to handle all of your technology, policy, procedure, and training needs in the next 120 days!

Our CMMC Packages Include

We offer a single vendor approach to meeting CMMC compliance requirements. Our team brings a true turn-key implementation to the fight, helping your company save valuable time, money, and resources on your path to compliance.

Security hardware & software

Firewall, SIEM, IPS/IDS, Forward/Reverse Proxy, 2FA, etc. We offer everything you need, with no upfront equipment fees.

Fedramp cloud

Our clients information is stored in our Impact Level 4 (IL4) datacenter, meeting all of your CMMC security and compliance requirements 

24/7 monitoring & help desk

Our SOC & Help Desk teams offer around the clock protection to ensure your network is always connected and secure.

personalized onboarding

Each of our clients are assigned an onboarding coordinator, keeping your team informed throughout the entire implementation.

policies &

Our team writes your entire set of compliant policies, and ensures your staff is trained to operate with proper security in mind.

Compliance dashboard

While we are hard at work implementing CMMC for your team, your leadership is able to track compliance scores via our dashboard.


Our CMMC Benefits

Single Vendor Approach

There is no longer a need to hire multiple vendors, consultants, or purchase security equipment from several sources. Our team is your partner for your entire CMMC implementation. 

Known Monthly Pricing

Our pricing model is simple, you only pay for the devices that CSS protects and monitors. No more surprises when it comes to pricing, just one known monthly cost for the duration of your contract.

Timely Onboarding

Our team will onboard your organization within the new 180 day POA&M time-frame released in CMMC v2.0. While you handle your normal business operations, we focus on your security and compliance.



At CSS, we offer a simple 5-step solution for NIST SP 800-171 compliance. First we evaluate how your systems comply against all 110 NIST SP 800-171 Rev. 2 Controls. Next is to complete the NIST SP 800-171 Assessment Scoring sheet and determine your GAPs. Following that we develop a “Get-Well” plan that details strategy to increase your score and get closer to compliance. We then assist your organization in submitting your scores to the government and start collecting and maintaining evidence of compliance. Finally, if CSS is selected for remediation efforts, we start implementing fix-actions that will increase your score and ensure your systems are secure and compliant. 



Working with companies in the Defense Industrial Base on CMMC and DFARS compliance.

We care deeply about your privacy. The information you give us will be used for scheduling, and promotions purposes. With the option to opt-out.

Our DFARs Package Includes

Every company that does business with the DoD will need to meet the established NIST SP 800-171 controls. Here is a look at what CSS provides to help alleviate the compliance concerns for your organization:

Gap assessment

Know the risks and compliance gaps that your organization is facing today without having any data leave your network.

DoD Assessment
Score Cart

Map your compliance gaps to the DoD Assessment Scorecard to understand areas of improvement in order to meet compliance. 

Compliance Dashboard

We offer our Compliance Dashboard for 12 months, allowing your organization to map out the necessary changes to meet compliance.

System Security Plan (SSP)

Our team will develop your initial SSP to determine security requirements and define controls that are in place for your organization. 

Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M)

Now that you have determined your journey to compliance, our POA&M will highlight the initial path that your organization will take.

SPRS Upload

While we can’t upload your results into the Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS), we will assist with the upload of your results.


Our DFARS Benefits

Education of Risks

As a part of the out briefing CSS will go over every control (1 by 1), providing your team an understanding of the current gaps, why they are applicable, and potential solutions to close each gap.

Deductible Costs

For organizations looking to become CMMC compliant, CSS is offering the DFARs assessment costs as a deductible cost to offset the expenses for implementing remediation efforts.

State Funding

Our team has become an established vendor for multiple states in the United States that are looking to provide funding relief for Defense Industrial Base (DIB) companies on their path to meeting DFARs compliance.

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