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At CSS we take pride in our team of experts that ensure the security and privacy of our customer’s information remains safe. We hire battle tested Veterans, Industry Experts, as well as develop tomorrow’s workforce through our competitive internship programs. Our team of experts is trusted by the intelligence and military communities to protect sensitive data from our ever-evolving adversaries. Feel free to follow us on social media for up to date content by hovering over pictures, click on the shield to view a team member’s CMMC-AB accreditations.

Horacio Maysonet

Co-Founder | President | CEO

Zachary Hodges

Co-Founder | Vice President | COO

Thomas Williams

Co-Founder | CTO

LaRhonda Patrick, Esq.

Chief Legal Officer

Donna Mattick

Chief of Staff

Kevin Hulbert

Advisory Board

Robert Jenkins

Advisory Board

Cecilia Figueroa

VP of Public Relations

Daniel Garlans

Cyber Operations Lead

Brett Tarman

Information Technology Manager

Alfonso Morales

Lead UX/UI Engineer

Nick Hulbert

Lead Intelligence Analyst

Zaylin Rodriguez

Lead Onboarding Coordinator

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