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Security Services

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Backup and Recovery

CTC Backup & Recovery is the modern, cloud-first backup service for your virtual and physical servers. Designed to reduce the cost and complexity of backup without sacrificing speed or reliability.


You do not have to face the ever-changing technology world alone! Let our experts identify systems and technologies that can help your business grow and operate more effectively.

Cloud Services

At CSS we continue to look for ways to provide our customers with better solutions. Our cloud services boast a reduced IT cost, scalability, business continuity, foster collaboration, allow flexible work practices, and allow access for automatic updates.

Digital Forensics

So you’ve been hacked? Or you have experienced some form of strange engagement within your network? Well, rest assured, CSS is here to help with your digital forensics needs. We apply scientific investigatory techniques to digital crimes and attacks.

Disaster Recovery

CSS Disaster Recovery Plan not only ensures your information is backed up, but it guarantees that when facing a disaster your business will be up and running in less than 4 hours.

Email Security

There is email, and then there is secure email. You should already have something on your desktop to block spam. What we can help you with is providing another level of security, farther away from the end-user. Our solution sits in front of your mail server, screening out spam and viruses before they reach users’ inboxes.

End Point Protection

Companies around the world are incorporating practices to make access to their data more fluid, but with increased access comes increased risk. CSS takes pride in our end point protection services, ensuring that no device on your network goes unprotected.

Firewall as a Service

Firewalls used to only protect your computers on-site, living on your company network. Today, CSS is providing Firewall as a Service to protect the applications and data that you have living on the cloud.

Information Technology

Our products and services allow you to create packages that address your specific business needs. If you are looking to fully outsource your IT services, or support individual capabilities, CSS is here to help.

Incidence Response

We ensure that you have an orderly and effective response to incidents, which can help protect your data, reputation, and revenue. Partner with CSS today to ensure you are prepared in case of a data breach!


At CSS we make it our duty to ensure migrations happen quickly, easily, and securely. We will ensure that your existing mail, personal contacts, and calendar events are transitioned whether you are looking to move to G-Suite, AWS, Office 365, and more.

Network Engineering Services

Whether you are adding a new vendor or implementing a new network solution, our team of experts have the experience to ensure you are meeting your goals. Our team of experts can provide assistance in developing a new network or updating an existing one.

Network Monitoring

CSS Engineers work 24/7/365 in our US based Network Operations Center (NOC), ensuring that no activity goes unnoticed. In the rare event activity is detected and immediate response from our Incident Response team is executed protecting your network and more importantly all the sensitive information in it.

Penetration Testing

We are able to identify the key weaknesses within your company’s systems and applications and determine the appropriate resources to improve security for your organization as a whole.

Ransomware Recovery

At CSS we understand the headaches and fear that a ransomware attack can cause for your organization. If you come to us after a ransomware attack, we will ensure to close the door to the vulnerability that was exploited to ensure hackers can no longer access.

Risk Assessment

Our security scans take 20 seconds to check your computer for malicious malware – 60x faster than the average scan time of tested competitor antivirus products. In other words, we will never slow your computer down!

Secure Vault (Secure File Sharing)

Organizations today need to share and access files on the go with both internal users and external users. We provide this feature while maintaining compliance with HIPAA, PCI, SOX, FIPA, FISMA and many other regulations.

Secure Wi-Fi

Our service automatically detects when you access a Wi-Fi network, and when enabled, will encrypt the data before it leaves your device. CSS ensures that we provide security against online threats such as viruses, malware, botnet attacks, and other malicious content.

Security Awareness Training

Trained and aware employees are the lifeline to securing your organization. Our security awareness training program reduces your company’s vulnerabilities and provides a workforce prepared to protect your data.


At CSS we offer flexible Security Operations Center (SOC) options for our partners. Developing your own SOC in house can be difficult and expensive task, not to mention staffing with a team of talented security experts 24/7.


To ensure that we can provide the most cost effective cyber solutions, we look to find cost savings in other areas that most companies do not consider. Say hello to VOIP!

Vulnerability Scanning

Our vulnerability scans will identify and create an inventory of all systems connected to the network and identify their weak points. They say you are only as strong as your weakest link, CSS is here to fortify that link!

Web Filtering

CTC Web Filtering platform, will solve both problems! Our software offering will ensure that not only the websites visited are clean, but that you can choose the websites that your network allows.

Remote Work

At CSS we know how difficult it can be to make sure your company is ready for the transition to working remotely. With this comes many security risks that can lead to more worry than product. We have the solutions to get you up and running.


With CSS Telehealth you have the ability to connect with patients anytime, anywhere. Our solution is simple, secure, and affordable. Adding telemedicine in a secure format has never been easier.


Say goodbye to missed appointments due to traffic jams or child care arrangements, and say hello to Telelaw! Let CSS turn your practice into a Telelaw firm that allows you to connect with more clients, even those outside of your normal commute window.


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