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Penetration Testing

Identify the key weaknesses within your company’s systems to improve security for your organization through proven penetration testing methodology.

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Penetration Testing Is Essential

Does My Business Need
Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing prevents a company from having to deal with the consequences of a security breach. When proper pen testing is done, an organization receives something extra no one else can offer – advanced notification and internal preventive measures before any kind of hack takes place.

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Our Proven Steps of
Pen Testing

Planning And Investigation

First we identify the scope of testing is followed by gathering of needed and discovered intelligence.
Step 1


We utilize tools to scan and understand how a target responds to intrusion or penetration of systems.
Step 2

Gaining Access

Staging of attacks on you systems and web applications to discover vulnerabilities of your business are done.
Step 3

Maintaining Access

Here we stay within your environment as long as possible, so that once inside, we will come up with good strategies for an attack.
Step 4

Pen Test Analysis

Now we go through the vulnerabilities and find out how they can be exploited. We then look for anything that can be done to mitigate the risks.
Step 5


In this last stage, we explain your findings and report to help you get to know about your vulnerabilities.
Step 6

Is Penetration Testing What I Need?

A Better Understanding of a
Penetration Test

A penetration test is done to identify when and how people can try and break into your business. A better understanding of this is that they want to get in to see if it can be done. Potentially, this is done by hackers with malicious intent of stealing valuable information. The steps below are what we do to solve this problem.

The Problem

You’re a business owner, and you want to make sure that your company is secure. It’s not enough to just have a firewall or antivirus software installed on your computer. Your company needs protection too!

The Solution

Penetration testing is the best way to protect your company from hackers and other security threats. This service will identify vulnerabilities in your business before they can be exploited by cybercriminals.

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Frequently Asked Questions About
Penetration Testing

Why should you hire us, Cyber Security Solutions, for penetration testing?
At CSS, we offer penetration testing in Tampa Florida- but why do businesses hire us as their pen testing experts? Our penetration testing methodology is focussed on conducting a pen test that will identify vulnerabilities/weak spots, discover potential attack vectors (i.e., where hackers might get into your network), and provide near 100% assurance over who's been trying to break into your systems. We have years of consulting experience in pen tests and large variety of satisfied customers from companies, organizations, and government agencies of all sizes.
Why do companies hire pen testing experts for their business security?
Penetration testing is the best way to find out if a website has any vulnerabilities/weak spots that can be targeted by cybercriminals. These experts are hired to test websites for potential security gaps in the system.
Who does the penetration testing?
Penetration testers are the cyber security experts hired by companies to perform pen testing to access their security systems and network for vulnerabilities. A penetration tester is an expert in bypassing computer security, typically to discover any potential weaknesses. These specialists operate on the principle that no system or software is foolproof and will always have some sort of vulnerability they can exploit. The job of a penetration tester includes analyzing system configurations for weak points, identifying authentication vulnerabilities, discovering service attack vectors, spoofing data to gain information access with intent to cause harm or unveil hidden data from trusted sources. Hackers don't need your credit card number or other personal information; all they really want is inside
Is penetration testing the same as ethical hacking?
Ethical hackers are hired by companies to identify security risks so that they can take the necessary steps to protect valuable data and assets. Essentially they perform penetration testing. They will utilize a strong penetration testing methodology to evaluate the company's infrastructure, including servers, networks, and devices to find any potential vulnerabilities and unauthorized access. Ethical hacking has gained a lot of traction in recent years as companies are more aware of the importance of safety towards their sensitive information and their overall reputation. Companies should always have at least 1-3 ethical hackers on hand to support their cybersecurity efforts. They help companies identify risks that may not be apparent or available on radar screens for some time if left unchecked. The goal is to prevent potential threats before they happen so businesses don't
How much do penetration tests cost?
Penetration tests have costs that vary greatly depending on the complexity of the task and how many areas a company wants to be tested. The more complex the task, the higher the cost. You can contact our specialists and they will give you an estimate for your project based on your needs for penetration testing.
What is network penetration testing?
There are two types of network penetration testing services Internal network penetration testing as well as external network penetration testing, but the difference between the two is where it is being conducted. Internal network penetration testing happens internally within an organization's LAN on servers and other devices. The external penetration testing happens through a firewall or WAN in order to test the security of a company's outside connections. Both external penetration testing and internal penetration testing are important to a complete security assessment. Penetration testing is about conduction a vulnerability assessment to detect security risks within network devices. This is ultimately done to protect sensitive data as well as valuable assets, secure entry points, and maintain the integrity of the network infrastructure.
What is the difference between internal network penetration testing and external network penetration testing?
There are a wide array of aspects within penetration testing. This is because there is also a large variety of methods hackers utilize such as social engineering, attacks on networks, and various other techniques. Internal penetration tests are simply defined by the access of the test being done with internal access to the network. While external tests are testing vulnerabilities from the standpoint of remote attacks. Additionally wireless penetration testing looks at vulnerabilities from a wireless standpoint. While wired penetration testing looks at vulnerabilities from wired connections. As simple as it sounds!

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