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SOX IT Solutions

SOX IT Solutions

You Need to Know About SOX IT Solutions

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) requires that all publicly held companies must establish internal controls and procedures for financial reporting to reduce the possibility of corporate fraud. Your entire IT infrastructure—from server and network security to IT practices and operations—must be reinforced and configured to maintain and demonstrate compliance in the event of an audit.

Not complying with this regulation can be disadvantageous for your organization. Even if you are not a publicly traded company, if one of your customers is, you will be part of the audit. This is why having Sarbanes Oxley Compliance and IT solutions are so important for most companies.


Sample of SOX Requirements in Our Solution

(AI2.3): Application Control and Auditability

Implement business controls, where appropriate, into automated application controls such that processing is accurate, complete, timely, authorized and auditable.

(AI2.3): Infrastructure Resources Protection and Availability

Implement internal control, security and auditability measures during configuration, integration and maintenance of hardware and infrastructural software to protect resources and ensure availability and integrity.

(AI2.3): Infrastructure Maintenance

Develop a strategy and plan for infrastructure maintenance, and ensure that changes are controlled in line with the organization's change management procedure.

(DS4.5): Testing of the IT Continuity Plan

Test the IT continuity plan on a regular basis to ensure that IT systems can be effectively recovered, shortcomings are addressed and the plan remains relevant.

(DS4.8): IT Services Recovery and Resumption

Plan the actions to be taken for the period when IT is recovering and resuming services. This may include activation of backup sites, initiation of alternative processing, customer and stakeholder communication, and resumption procedures.

(DS5.5): Security Testing, Surveillance and Monitoring

Test and monitor the IT security implementation in a proactive way. IT security should be re-accredited in a timely manner to ensure that the approved enterprise's information security baseline is maintained.

(DS5.11): Exchange of Sensitive Data

Exchange Information only over trusted paths or mediums with controls to provide authentication of content, proof of submission, proof of receipt and non-repudiation of origin.

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