Thomas S. Williams

Thomas S. Williams


Thomas Williams started Cyber Security Solutions with his long-time friend, Horacio Maysonet, in 2015.


As Chief Technology Officer, Thomas is responsible for ensuring the company stays ahead of the cyber curve and effective in the market. Daily operations for the role requires intimate knowledge of events surrounding cybersecurity, a thorough understanding of a broad array of technologies, and effective integration and utilization of said knowledge.


Thomas had the privilege of learning his ambition in life at the early age of seventeen. He even specifically chose his profession in the military before joining the United States Air Force. Throughout six years of service with specialties in Network Infrastructure, Cryptographic Systems, and Tactical Computer Systems, he was awarded and decorated for his skill.


During his military career, he met Horacio, who was stationed with him at Robins AFB, Georgia. This newly established friendship quickly lead to business discussions, but military service came first. After Thomas’s honorable discharge from Staff Sergeant in the USAF, he furthered his career at the Lang Company in Louisville, KY, which is a leading Managed Security Services Provider in the area. As the technical liaison to the corporation’s largest clients, he was afforded the opportunity for commercial experience within several independent large infrastructures and their supporting systems.


As a liaison, he was responsible for ensuring the customer’s technical requirements were met, which entailed leading a team of engineers in the development, implementation, and operation of necessary software and systems. Keeping in contact with Horacio, which was nearing the end of his Air Force career, they continued their business discussion and together began Cyber Security Solutions. Thomas’s ability to learn, understand, and customize new technology offered a foundation for them to create and market a unique and successful security suite. Throughout the development and growth of systems within the company, Thomas sharpened his skills to a scientific art form at predicting and leading the technological curve.


Without the knowledge, experience, and persistence of Thomas, the technology would not be available to meet the opportunities provided by the hard-working and ambitious actors in Cyber Security Solutions.

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