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We Create Cyber Solutions

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The CSS Way

We believe in creating new technologies by enabling the innovative minds that make it happen. While many companies focus on profit and loss statements, we focus on your security. It is our mission to protect your data, and it is our goal to make sure it is affordable enough to implement for any organization. We strive on finding ways to ensure that any small-medium business can afford to protect their data and the data of their customers. We develop our own solutions that include all the security tools your organization needs so that you can focus on one vendor for your entire security program.

At CSS, our experts know just what to do about your alphabet soup of regulations. We provide you with a solution that ensures you obtain and maintain a secure and compliant environment. Security is key, and if you are secure you will be compliant with any regulation. We’re not handing you a cookie-cutter solution. Your plan with CSS will be tailored to your business, budget, and compliance requirements. You have important work to do—CSS will take care of the rest.

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Our Mission


Create a world where security and simplicity co-exist.


A world protected from cyber threats, with a future workforce prepared to take the wheel.


Protecting your data, like it's our own!

Our Core Values

Never Stop Innovating

Adversaries are always trying new ways to get your data. It's CSS’ responsibility to continually improve every aspect of security for your business, no matter the cost.

True Partners

We don't offer services that are not complete. Our solution includes hardware, maintenance, & monitoring to ensure our customers are compliant and secure.

Remain Affordable

Our primary commitment to our customers is to always remain affordable. No one should jeopardize their security because it’s too expensive. Community First!


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Ensure your company and all of your employees are in compliance and safe from vulnerabilities.
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Our experienced experts

At CSS we take pride in our team of experts that ensure the security and privacy of our customer’s information remains safe. We hire battle-tested Veterans, Industry Experts, as well as develop tomorrow’s workforce through our competitive internship programs. Our team of experts is trusted by the intelligence and military communities to protect sensitive data from our ever-evolving adversaries.
Horacio Maysonet

Horacio Maysonet

Chief Executive Officer
Zachary Hodges

Zachary Hodges

Chief Operations Officer
Thomas Williams

Thomas Williams

Chief Technology Officer
Donna Mattick

Donna Mattick

Chief of Staff


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Ensure your company and all of your employees are in compliance and safe from vulnerabilities.
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