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Finally, a Unified Solution to All Your Cybersecurity Challenges

How Seriously Are You Taking Your Clients' Data Security?

Cybercrime's global cost may reach $10.5T by 2025, up from $3T in 2015, underscoring the financial impact on businesses of all sizes. CSS offers military-grade security, ensuring these entities can safeguard assets, data, and reputation against advanced Cyber Attack.

Partnering with Top Companies to Ensure your data remains private and secure

Discover Peace of Mind
with CSS's Comprehensive Cybersecurity Approach

At Cyber Security Solutions (CSS), we understand the critical importance of a holistic cyber protection strategy. Our team delivers not just partial solutions, but a full security program that encompasses all of the hardware, software, training, and services necessary to protect your business from every angle. With our 360° approach to cyber protection, you can focus on your core business activities while we handle the complexities of cybersecurity.

Our unique approach eliminates the need to juggle multiple vendors or invest in costly equipment. We provide a complete suite of security hardware, software, and training, along with applicable policies, all backed by our 24x7x365 Continuous Monitoring and Help Desk services. This seamless integration ensures that your cybersecurity measures are robust, comprehensive, and continuously updated to defend against evolving threats.

Rest assured, every aspect of your security and compliance is meticulously managed and tracked in our Compliance Dashboard, providing transparent reports to your leadership team, partners, or insurance providers. With CSS, you gain more than just a service; you gain a dedicated partnership that allows you to operate with confidence, knowing that your data is protected around the clock by military-grade security measures, backed by the trust and partnership of IBM.

What's Included?

CSS includes everything you need for cybersecurity, compliance, and IT management with our turn-key, single vendor approach. 

Cybersecurity Statistics & Impacts

Cybersecurity has become a widely popular topic of conversation around the world. Interests range from trending career paths, to new compliance mandates, and security breaches that all business owners hope to never encounter.

Healthcare Breaches

Highest breach costs ever, reaching $10.1M. Critical patient data at constant risk.

Government Cyber Espionage

83% of government breaches are espionage. National security is under immediate threat.

Legal Data Exposed

One in four law firms breached. Client confidentiality is jeopardized without action.

SMBs & Schools Targeted

Small businesses and schools face a 43% higher risk of devastating cyber attacks.

Personal Privacy Risk

A 2021 study reports that over 28% of business owners and influencers have experienced a cyberattack, with many such incidents going unreported due to privacy concerns.

Defense Compliance Gap

Less than 60% meet DoD cybersecurity standards, risking national security and contracts.

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How we secure Your Files

At CSS there is more to ensuring the security of your most important information, we ensure your privacy. We also make file sharing, collaboration, and management a breeze!

Regulation Compliant

Information is stored in our Impact Level 4 (IL4) datacenter to ensure protection.

secure backups

Don’t worry about losing your most important information with continuous secure backups.

data security/Privacy

We use military grade encryption, ensuring the security and privacy of your data.

File management

Have the ability to manage your environment properly, only giving users the access needed.

secure file sharing

Have a peace of mind when you share documents with anyone, anywhere, any time.

Secure collaboration

Work with colleagues, partners, and friends in real-time within our secure cloud.

One Vendor. One Solution.

While many companies offer partial solutions, we have put together a full security program to protect your entire business. Many of the security threats that make it through environments today derive from solutions that are incomplete, poorly integrated, or maintained by untrained staff members. Our team delivers all of the hardware, software, training, and services required to ensure that your company is protected from threats in the environment. We strive on ensuring a 360° approach to cyber protection, letting you focus on running your business with peace of mind.

Our unique approach eliminates the need to manage multiple vendors or spend thousands of dollars in equipment that needs to be installed, integrated, and maintained by staff members or consultants. We include our security hardware, software, training, and applicable policies accompanied by our 24x7x365 Continuous Monitoring and Help Desk services. Your entire security and compliance platform is tracked in our Compliance Dashboard to help provide reports to your leadership team, partners, or insurance providers.

Security Hardware

Managed SOC/SIEM

Compliance Assessments

Secure Storage

Disaster Recovery

Secure Cloud

Firewall as a Service

Risk Assessments

Secure Backup

Incident Response

Policies & Procedures

Multi-Factor (MFA)

Exposure Assessments

Email Security

After Action Reports

Compliance Dashboard

Vulnerability Scans

Web Security

Reporting Platform

24/7 Secure Monitoring

Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware

Remote Workforce Tools

Data Encryption

Data Destruction

24/7 IT Help Desk

Virtual Private Network

Secure Chat

Security Patching

Microsoft Office Suite

A Piece of Mind for your files

A Piece of Mind for your files


When it comes to storing your data, it is important to know if the proper security and privacy measures are in place. The Vault was designed around our US-based Impact Level 4 (IL4) datacenter environments as a minimum requirement. With CSS you will not have to sacrifice security, cost, functionality, or design when you sign up to store your data in The Vault!