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Expert Warns Against Cyberattacks Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

By: Stephani Bechara

STATEWIDE — Cybersecurity is a growing issue that even Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is warning consumers about, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cybersecurity expert says scammers are seeking to exploit coronavirus crisis

He says cyberattacks are impacting companies and individuals

COMPLETE COVERAGE: Spectrum News | CDC | Florida Department of Health

Horacio Maysonet, a veteran who was the lead for the Cybersecurity Division of the US Special Operations Command, now owns and runs Cyber Security Solutions.

He has seen an uptick in cyber-attacks and said scammers are seeking to exploit coronavirus, targeting not just companies but people as well.

“What we’ve seen since the coronavirus is phishing attacks have come up. And a phishing attack is, I send you an email with a bad link that makes it look like Netflix,” Maysonet said. “You go on it and you put your username and your password and now I stole those credentials from you… Take the time to see where that link is going to? Is it really going to Netflix? Your bank? Is it really going to the organization that sent you that email?

Maysonet said it’s not just up to business leaders but also individual employees to secure their work environment.

“So we all have to do our part. Do something. And like I said even if it’s during this crisis, sign up on some of those services to make sure your information, to make sure our economy is strong,” he said, “And make sure that the second we get past this pandemic, we don’t have to deal with a cyber-attack pandemic.”

Cyber Security Solutions is also in Tampa, Washington DC, Augusta, Georgia and will soon be expanding to Puerto Rico. Maysonet said he has created his most affordable package in the midst of this pandemic, offering security services to homes for about $9/month.


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