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Cybersecurity for Law Firms

Compliance and Security Provided by Cyber Security Solutions

Cybersecurity & Privacy For Legal Industry

The legal industry is vulnerable to cybercrime, as firms hold sensitive client data and are often targeted by cybercriminals. Find out how our team of experts can help.

What all is Included?

Our evidence-based assessment package leverages technology to provide an accurate and efficient analysis of your environment. We include the following (Without extensive Q&A sessions)

What to know about
Cybersecurity For Lawyers

To protect your business and clients, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks and to take steps to mitigate them. A proper cybersecurity program is an investment in your business’ future and success. Just think of the peace of mind of not having to worry about all the tools cyber criminals have to compromise your business and knowing that your business is protected. More importantly, you won’t inadvertently contribute to the breach of one of your clients. 

Breach of cybersecurity can result in stiff penalties. If the breach is severe, fines can be excessive and law firms may also be charged with criminal or civil offenses. This may result even in your license being suspended or revoked. If you are in need of a strong cybersecurity program continue reading to learn more about how CSS can properly protect your entire environment.

Legal Industry Data Breach Statistics
over the past year

Over the past year there have been alarming statistics for law firms that have experienced a data breach, resulting in major business disruption and loss in billable hours to clients. Many of these firms did not have the proper cybersecurity protection in place to identify risks and address vulnerabilities that left their business open to a breach.

Firms that experienced a data breach in the last year

Major Business Disruption or Loss in the last year

Loss of Billable Hours Due to a breach in the last year




Firms that experienced a data breach in the last year


Major Business Disruption or Loss in the last year


Loss of Billable Hours Due to a breach in the last year


Why Choose Cyber Security Solutions?

We are not a company that develops spreadsheets and plans for your team to follow to implement proper cybersecurity. We get our hands dirty and do all the hard work for your implementation, only leaving our annual training modules for your team to complete. We do not believe in piecemeal solutions, we feel they leave too much room for error when it comes to integrations. CSS provides a fully managed security and compliance program, purpose built on integrations to secure your entire environment with 360° protection.

Our packages include compliant security hardware, software, FedRAMP approved cloud, 24/7/365 monitoring and help desk, and cybersecurity training built around your firm’s needs. We don’t stop there; we continue to collect logs, monitor your network, and adjust the on-going training and security updates as industry compliance requirements evolve. Lastly, we track your progress the entire way with our live Compliance Dashboard, allowing your management team to watch the magic happen.

Single Vendor Approach

There is no longer a need to hire multiple vendors, consultants, or purchase security equipment from several sources. Our team is your partner for your entire cybersecurity program implementation. 

Known Monthly Pricing

Our pricing model is simple, you only pay for the devices that CSS protects and monitors. No more surprises when it comes to pricing, just one known monthly cost for the duration of your contract.

Timely Onboarding​

Our team will onboard your organization in a secure, efficient, and timely manner. While you handle your normal business operations, our team will focus on establishing your security and compliance.

call today to protect your business

Talk to one of our experts today to learn how we can identify your current risks and vulnerabilities and put together a package to better protect your.

Step 2:
Information Gathering

During this phase our team will clarify all of the Applications & Licenses currently being used.

We will also review your Policy Checklist to highlight the additional policies and procedures that are scheduled for development and review.

Our team will start collecting and reviewing logs, as our “Listening Mode” is important to verify any current vulnerabilities and gaps are identified and mitigated.

This step is vital in understanding your current environment, so that CSS technicians can begin posturing new equipment.

Step 3:
Internal Coordination & Review

Your Onboarding Coordinator will now start to coordinate the dates for your onsite install.

During this phase we will begin to coordinate with any other Vendors/Internet Service Providers leading up to the onsite install.

Our Compliance Team will begin sending over initial drafts of your new Policies and Procedures for review and approval.

This phase is key to preparing for a successful onsite install when the time comes.

Step 4:
Policy Review & Equipment Forecast

This phase will get a little bit more busy for your internal team, as each policy needs to be reviewed for understanding and proper alignment with business functions.

As our team continues to prepare for the onsite install we will forecast sub-optimal devices.

This will provide your leadership team with an understanding of any potential devices that we recommend replacing that are near end of life.

Step 5:
Onsite Install & Portal Training

All of the preparation in the previous steps has prepared us for this moment, it’s now time for the onsite install.

Our technicians conduct one final backup prior to reimaging all network devices.

Our installations typically occur on weekends to ensure that we do not impact daily operations.

Our technicians will be by your side for the first day that your team returns to office to ensure that we can answer any questions or address any potential issues quickly.

Step 6:
Local Fixes & Policy Maturity

Our onsite and remote teams work together during this phase to ensure all devices can be accessed/maintained by our Help Desk team.

By this time CSS should start receiving comments back from the Policy and Procedure review that was conducted by your team.

Our Compliance Team will schedule a call to go over any areas of concern that we notice in the comments submitted by your team.

Once all change requests are confirmed, our Compliance Team will  develop the final version of Policies and Procedures for approval.

Step 7:
Finalize Policies & Dashboard

During this phase our Compliance Team will deliver your team the final version of your Policies and Procedures set.

We will also be reviewing your CMMC Compliance Dashboard to identify any remaining actions needed.

In the final review of your CMMC Compliance Dashboard we will ensure that all artifacts are prepared for your C3PAO assessment.

Step 8:
Security Training & Dashboard Overview

Your team is now ready to start taking your security training modules.

Your Onboarding Coordinator will grant your team access to each training model required for CMMC compliance.

Security Awareness, Insider Threat, and Role Based User Access training will be completed on an annual basis for every employee.

We will also complete an overview of the CMMC Compliance Dashboard and schedule your Quarterly Review.

Step 9:
Onboarding Review & Transition

Finally, we made it to the last step of our Onboarding Process.

Your Onboarding Coordinator will introduce you to your Account Manager, and your future interactions will be with our Operations Team.

Although the implementation is complete, CMMC is a maturity model and your organization will need to continue to adapt to the new security culture.

Don’t worry, we will keep you on track with evolving requirements and continue to manage your security and compliance program!

Step 1:
Project Kickoff

Your Onboarding Coordinator will send over a Welcome Email and schedule a Kickoff Call to begin your implementation journey.

We provide our Request for Information (RFI) form to gain a better understanding of your current environment and begin Asset Discovery.

We begin running our Vulnerability Scans, Risk Assessments, and Gap Assessments to assess your environment.

We will also begin to request applicable Security Policies that your organization has previously developed.

Our Process

Our cybersecurity program implementation process at CSS is the ultimate all-inclusive, and personalized experience. Your team will be assigned a personal Onboarding Coordinator who will be by your side along the entire journey. Each week you will get an overview of the work that has been completed, and you will be able to visually see your compliance scores increase on our live Compliance Dashboard.

Each step of our process is purpose built to ensure your new technology and practices are configured with proper security and compliance in mind. Our team handles the entire process and works with your team to ensure that the new security culture fits your organization.  We have highlighted some of the key steps in our Nine (9) Step Implementation Process as a visual overview. Hover over each step to learn more.

Additional Resources

Our team has put together a list of resources and helpful links to provide a deeper understanding as you embark upon your journey through the proper implementation of cybersecurity. Click on the links to download some of our additional materials or visit the applicable website to learn more. You can also click below to talk to one of our experienced team members to hear more about our packaged offerings.

Resource Title


Resource Link

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Legal - Assessment Process

Cyber Security Solutions

law firm Guide to Cybersecurity

American Bar Association

Resources for Lawyers

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

NIST SP 800-171 Rev 2

NIST/US Department of Commerce

Services Included
In our Cybersecurity & Privacy Package.

Click on any of the 30 services below to read more about what we provide as a part of our turn-key implementation packages:

We provide your full security hardware infrastructure through our Cyber Threat Compliance (CTC) platform. Our CTC includes everything from a compliant Firewall, IPS/IDS, Forward/Reverse Proxy, SIEM, and more. 

Our Secure Vault platform offers a full cloud, filesharing, and collaboration tool located in our FedRAMP approved cloud environment.  Our hybrid approach ensures maximum business uptime. 

We develop your set of CMMC policies and procedures, reinforcing your organization’s security and compliance programs. We maintain them as requirements evolve, allowing you to focus on growing  your business. 

Our Compliance Dashboard provides leadership with a clear understanding of where your organization is along the compliance journey. Our documentation and reporting tools make C3PAO assessments a breeze. 

Our team of expert Security Analyst are monitoring your corporate network around the clock to stop cybercriminals from infiltrating  your network. CSS handle's all of the logging and reporting for you. 

Can't connect to the printer? Email is down? Our experienced Help Desk team not only responds to client reported issues, but we often take care of issues before your team even notices.

We offer Security Awareness, Insider Threat, and Role Based User Access annual training modules to keep your team up to speed and within compliance. We also conduct phishing campaigns to keep your team ready. 

Our Firewall as a Service provides the first layer of defense against all attacks. We handle the licensing, management, and security of our proprietary CTC platform where the firewall resides.

Our SIEM continuously monitors and acts upon real-time security information from virtually any source.  We aggregate data from across your entire network, and analyze this data together to limit false-positives.

We provide all users with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to ensure that the process of signing into your corporate systems is secure. We add in the benefit of Single Sign-On (SSO) to simplify your daily workflow. 

We complete a full compliance assessment of your organization to measure gaps in NIST SP 800-171 and CMMC requirements. Results are imported into our Compliance Dashboard for live progress tracking. 

The worst type of risks are the ones that have yet to be
identified/addressed. We work with you to understand the current state of your security posture and explain the business or financial impact of associated risks. 

Our Exposure Assessment monitors external communications to your infrastructure and compares the detected communications and attempted attacks with vulnerabilities detected in our Vulnerability Scan.

Our vulnerability scan illuminates the unknown. We leave no stone left unturned; this scan enables the detection of devices, services, and vulnerabilities that were running without the knowledge of your team. 

Our secure storage solution is security enforced, SOC monitored, and Disaster Recovery supported. Our team will perform automated synchronization through scheduled or continuous backups, that fit your needs.

Our Secure Backup service provides desktops with a means of file protection from natural disaster and ransomware. We ensure that your company's most important types of files are not lost in an incident.

Our Email Filtering ensures everyone operates in a secure/compliant manner. We protect you from malware and spam, as well as advanced threats like targeted spear phishing and ransomware.

Our Web Security service can be used to limit use of certain websites or block them entirely on corporate networks. This adds a layer of defense to your data by preventing the clicking of known malicious links.

Our Data Encryption service provides necessary device level data protection for security and compliance. We ensure your data remains secure and reduce the change of interception by unauthorized viewers.

Patching is a standard and well known requirement that many IT companies offer for an additional fee. We don't charge anything extra to provide this necessity since it's a compliance requirement and good practice.

Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware from CSS will always ensure that the latest attack prevention methods are in place on all endpoints, while managing any and all vendors required to provide the security.

Our VPN solution enables company owned devices to access internal network services from remote locations. A trustworthy VPN will secure and encrypt your internet, keeping data safe from malicious eyes.

Our Disaster Recovery service provides a means of file restoral and services on protected servers. We provide a complete service restoral in our cloud in as little as 4 hours, even if complete server  hardware loss occurs.

Incident Response provides a team of experts in response to cyber incidents as required by regulatory compliance. We quickly determine the source, cause and extent of a breach, to include proper reporting. 

Every incident is investigated and categorized, executed, and notified; all while being tracked using our After Actions Reports. Our After Actions Report is used to prove compliance requirements. 

Our Reporting Platform enables decision makers to  to help make cost saving decisions. Managers can prioritize replacement of the most troublesome equipment and increase workforce productivity.

Data Destruction is required for compliant disposal of assets that once held CUI. We ensure that your data storage assets are properly wiped using standards that meet or exceed your regulatory compliance needs.

Our Remote Workforce Tool allows employees to work securely from anywhere as if they were sitting at their desk. This provides the most secure means of accessing devices from anywhere in the world.

Our Secure Chat provides employees in the office, or working remote through web application or phone app, to chat in a secure and compliant manner. Chat is a client favorite for direct and team communications. 

Our team installs Microsoft Office and provides licenses to every endpoint that we protect. Everyone is familiar with Microsoft products, which is why we provide cost savings for a tool you use the most.