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Cyber Security Solutions FAQs


FAQs for CSS Website

CSS offers a comprehensive, fully managed security program, integrating all necessary hardware, software, and services. This unified approach eliminates the need for multiple vendors, reduces complexity, and ensures military-grade protection, setting CSS apart from piecemeal solutions that may leave gaps in security.

CSS provides clear, known monthly pricing, ensuring there are no surprises. Clients pay only for the devices protected and monitored, allowing for predictable budgeting and cost-effective cybersecurity management.

CSS ensures timely onboarding within the CMMC v2.0's 180-day POA&M timeframe, allowing businesses to maintain operational focus while CSS handles security and compliance.

CSS specializes in navigating complex compliance landscapes, offering tailored packages that prepare organizations for assessments and certifications, ensuring they meet and maintain compliance efficiently.

No, CSS’s single-vendor approach consolidates your cybersecurity needs under one umbrella, providing a streamlined and effective management of your security landscape without the hassle of coordinating multiple vendors.

Yes, CSS has expertise across various sectors, providing industry-specific solutions that address unique regulatory and compliance requirements, ensuring tailored cybersecurity protection.

CSS provides 24/7/365 monitoring and help desk support, ensuring continuous oversight of your cybersecurity posture and immediate assistance when needed.

CSS employs advanced technologies and expertise to conduct thorough assessments, continuous monitoring, and regular updates, ensuring that cybersecurity measures remain effective against evolving threats.

CSS has a robust incident response capability, quickly identifying, containing, and mitigating incidents to minimize impact, alongside providing comprehensive support in recovery and post-incident analysis.

As an IBM Business Partner, CSS leverages cutting-edge technologies and industry insights, ensuring that their cybersecurity solutions and knowledge base remain at the forefront of the field.