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AUGUSTA (WFXG) –TikTok has become the new big craze on the internet. 2 billion downloads and over 800 million daily users. But the app can also create some great vulnerabilities, which can be remedied with a little planning.

Earlier this year, the U.S. government expressed concern about the social media app TikTok.

“It’s a good thing that the administration did address this,” said Zach Hodges, the vice president and COO for Cyber Security Solutions. “Just this year, Oracle and Walmart came in and bought out 20 percent of the company Bytedance, so that they can here in the U.S. store that data here in their cloud instead.”

Hodges says people were worried about their data getting breached all the time.

Because TikTok’s owners reported back to the Chinese government, all data from users was getting mined.

 “It was found this summer that every one to three key strokes that you type on your phone were being copied and sent back to the parent company in China,” said Hodges.

So, how do you stop the leaks? Hodges recommends downloading the latest version of the app and have the newest operating system on your phone.

“You ensure that some of those new security features are now available for you on that device,” said Hodges.

He says the same rule applies for any new social media app. He says it’s especially important to be wary of sharing your location.

“Be cognizant and aware of what you share, for one,” said Hodges. “Be aware of who you’re sharing with. Is this going out to the whole world or just your group of friends. Is it viewable by anyone and is your location setting on?”

Hodges says there’s one other thing to be aware of: a lot of vulnerabilities were reported with people who were sent TikTok videos and opened them, even without downloading the app.

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