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The Vault

Manage Your Files Securely & Privately

There’s cloud storage, then there’s secure cloud storage, where are you saving your most vital files and information?

How we secure your Files.

At CSS there is more to ensuring the security of your most important information, we ensure your privacy. We also make file sharing, collaboration, and management a breeze!

Regulation Compliant

Information is stored in our Impact Level 4 (IL4) datacenter to ensure protection.

secure backups

Don’t worry about losing your most important information with continuous secure backups.

data security/Privacy

We use military grade encryption, ensuring the security and privacy of your data.

File management

Have the ability to manage your environment properly, only giving users the access needed.

secure file sharing

Have a peace of mind when you share documents with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Secure collaboration

Work with colleagues, partners, and friends in real-time within our secure cloud environment.

How we Compare

Don’t just let our awesome marketing blow you away at first glance, take a look at how we compare to some of our competitors within the industry to better understand the CSS advantage.

Encrypted Files
Encrypted Email
Monitoring & Alert
Free Additional Users
out-of-the-box compliance
The Vault
Google Drive
One Drive
Require Business Package

Just the files

Fully Secure And Private Storage At A Great Cost

All your files secured and
stored in the cloud
Share files securely and compliant
Unlimited user accounts for your team
Secure email with provided domain
Secure Calendar
Synchronized your documents

Extra Protection

we have you fully protected while on the internet

Everything from the "" plan
Email protection for your own domain
Ensure your devices is encrypted
Heuristic malware protection
Complete Internet protection
Ensure your device is fully backed up
AI driven threat prevention engine

Extra Protection

we have you fully protected while on the internet

Everything from the Extra plan
CSS CTC Security Appliance
Secure and Compliant Wi-Fi
Centralize Login & SSO
You are one call away from security

Turn key cyber
security solutions

You’ve worked hard to build your business. 

Don’t let an outside threat take it all away from you.

Trusted source
for security

We have partnered with major brands to ensure your security.

At Cyber Security Solutions we believe in a developing forward-thinking technologies to secure your business. To beat evolving threats, we must evolve our solutions. 


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